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Downloading & Installation
I need to (re)download my copy
Do major version upgrades require the previous version to be installed?
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Problems & Troubleshooting
Sandra does not start (generic)
Database failure / No Reference Results / Cannot Save Results
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Benchmarking & Results
No Reference Benchmark Results (Empty List)
How do I turn off chart animation?
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Hardware & Software Support
Windows 10.x, Server 2020-2012/R2 Support
64-bit Support (x64 / IA64 / ARM64)
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Where can I download Sandra for Windows (desktop)? Article rated 1.7/5.0
You can download the latest Lite (free/evaluation) from any of the official hosts: Download Sites for Sandra Lite
What versions of Sandra support Windows XP, Server 2003/R2? Article rated 3.5/5.0
Sandra 2014 SP1 and earlier (2013, 2012) fully support Windows XP (32-bit and x64), Server 2003/R2 (32-bit and x64). Starting with Sandra 2014 SP2 we are no longer supporting XP and Server 2003 (or...
What versions of Windows are supported by Sandra? Article rated 3.0/5.0
Sandra supports desktop Windows 10*, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista - x64 and 32-bit. Sandra supports Windows Server 2015* 2012/R2, 2008/R2 - x64 and 32-bit. Windows RT (WART) for ARM cannot be supported (unl...
Where can I download Sandra for Windows (METRO)? Article rated 1.6/5.0
Currently there is no port of Sandra for Windows Store (METRO) but there may be one soon. We are trying our best to support as many platforms as possible but only release what we consider to be &qu...
Does Sandra support Windows RT (WART)? Article rated 1.6/5.0
No. Only Microsoft desktop applications are allowed to run on Windows RT (WART) - at least until it is jail-broken. Sandra desktop is available for ARM but cannot run due to the above, it is not an...

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