No Reference Benchmark Results (Empty List)

Please enable the Ranker to automatically download reference/aggregate results. No reference results are included with the software.

Click the Options button on the toolbar, then Customize Rank Engines then check Enable Ranking Functionality and also check I have read and accept the Privacy Policy if you do.

Why did we do this?

It is the best way, all things considered:

    • It is not possible for us (SiSoftware) to test and include benchmark scores from enough devices on the market, thus the list was small and contained older devices. Many users complained it did not contain the scores they were looking for - generally brand new devices.

      Unlike review sites, we do not get hardware for review nor before publication.


  • The Ranker is updated daily and provides aggregated results from all the submitted scores daily if you so wish; you can also search and download specific results if you so wish.



  • Help us help you; we think it's fair that you provide your anonymous results and we provide you with aggregated results from you and other users. We do not store any personal information except where expressly provided by you.



  • You can (if you wish, we're not asking you to) create an account and thus save your scores which you can then automatically download to another computer or installation. You can also create/join teams with your friends and other users (again, only if you wish).