What versions of Windows are supported by Sandra?

Sandra supports desktop Windows 10*, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista - x64 and 32-bit.

Sandra supports Windows Server 2015* 2012/R2, 2008/R2 - x64 and 32-bit.

Windows RT (WART) for ARM cannot be supported (unless jailbroken) as only Microsoft desktop applications are allowed to run on it. Sandra could support it but is not allowed to.

Windows XP and Server 2003/R2 are supported by Sandra 2014 SP1 and earlier (e.g. 2013, 2012, etc.).

Older versions of Windows (2000, ME, 98, NT, 95) are no longer supported by any recent version of Sandra.

* Beta at time of publication. Compatibility with RTM cannot be guaranteed.