64-bit Support (x64 / IA64 / ARM64)

There are a few 64-bit architectures supported by Windows:

  1. AMD64 / EM64T - aka x64 (most mainstream CPUs today)
  2. IA64 - aka (Intel) Itanium server CPUs)
  3. AA64 - 64-bit ARM on Cortex A5X and later.

x64 (AMD64/EM64T) Support: All versions of Sandra have native support for x64 since 2004. The management console (Sandra GUI) allows you to either run the 64-bit Sandra agent (service) or 32-bit agent using the Connect Wizard.

For compatibility, the management console (Sandra GUI) is always 32-bit, but the agent (actual Sandra engine) is 64-bit.

IA64/Itanium Support: Removed in current versions as it is obsolete. Only Sandra 2010-2004 supported it *on request*. We can no longer support it even in these old versions.

AA64 (Arch64) Support: Not publicly launched at this time but supports all the CPUs that Windows itself supports.

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