The keycode I have does not work!

  1. Have you copied the key correctly? It is 30 alpha-numeric characters, no more no less. Please copy & paste verbatim from the order e-mail you received.


  2. Are you using the right key-code for the right version? Each major version has a different key code:
    • Sandra 20K2 keycodes look this way JJ..., i.e. start with JJ, 30 alpha-numeric characters.
    • Sandra 20/21 keycodes look this way HH...., i.e. start with HH, 30 alpha-numeric characters.
    • Sandra 20/20 keycodes look this way GG...., i.e. start with GG, 30 alpha-numeric characters.
    • Sandra 2018/Titanium keycodes look this way EE...., i.e. start with EE, 30 alpha-numeric characters.
    • Sandra 2017/Platinum keycodes look this way CC...., i.e. start with CC, 30 alpha-numeric characters.
    • Sandra 2016/Gold keycodes look this way AA...., i.e. start with AA, 30 alpha-numeric characters.
    • Sandra 2015/Silver keycodes look this way ZZ...., i.e. start with ZZ, 30 alpha-numeric characters.


  3. Is the time & date of your computer correct? If it is invalid, the digital certificate is invalid thus the key cannot be decrypted.


  4. Are you licenced to run this version on the computer? Each version checks compliance:
    • Sandra Personal (Professional Home) does not work, nor is it licenced to run on domain computers. Please upgrade to the Business version.


    • If you have 1 copy licence you cannot connect to a remote computer; you need a 2-copy or more licence or 2 different licences.


  5. Is your copy legitimate? We do monitor and ban keys that are no longer legitimate:
    • If you bought from a "cheap software store" it is likely you have been scammed. Report the store to the authorities. We cannot help as we did not get paid. Only buy from official stores: if it looks too good to be true, it is!


    • If you posted or shared your key and we seen it, we have banned it.


    • If you got the key from somewhere else (Internet, P2P, warez, keygen, etc.) you never know when it will stop working. We cannot help as we did not get paid.


    • If you got a refund, charge-back, etc. then the key has been banned. As you have your money back, you cannot expect to still be able to use the product.