Ranking Engine: Options

Ranking Options

Here are the options supported by the ranking engines in Sandra:

  • Enable Rank Engine: disables the whole functionality completely, i.e. your results will not be uploaded/ranked/backed-up, ranking information will not be downloaded, etc. Please read the Privacy Statement before enabling.
  • Please create an account to tag your results; otherwise they will be anonymous and you won't be able to own them.
  • Rank Engines List: you can select which rank engines you want to use from the list. Not all rank engines may support your language or country and thus you would need to select one that does.
  • SiSoftware Official Ranker is our own engine, the rest are 3-rd party ranking engines.
  • Download and Display Pictures: download and display pictures for users, teams, systems and products.
  • Show the Top Ranks for each benchmark: downloads and displays the information about the top ranked results for the benchmark in question.
  • See who holds the top place and what result is needed to be top!
  • Rank results globally: rank your results against a specific platform/architecture (OS type)/state or globally against all results for the benchmark.
  • For example if you have a laptop, you might want to compare yourself with laptop only users not servers/workstations.
  • Make my results public: whether you want others to see your results or not. Unless you are testing NDA or engineering samples, it would benefit everyone to enable it; otherwise other users will not know what device had the score in question.
  • Validity: how regularly you want the results to be refreshed. If you really want the very latest ranking information, set it to 1 day.
  • Privacy Statement: in order to enable Rank functionality you need to agree that you have read and agreed to our Privacy Statement.

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