Ranking Engine: How to Create an Account, How to Join a Team

How to Create an Account @ Ranking Engine

  • Ranker: Select the rank engine you would like to use.

  • Name: Enter a user name (pseudonym, nickname, etc.) in the User Name box. Please keep it clean, do not use any unacceptable words or we will have to ban you.
    NB: DO NOT use your e-mail address as your user name, as it will be visible to others!
    NB2: Do not use your real name if you are concerned about others seeing your real name. Use a pseudonym instead.

  • Password: Enter your password into the Password box. Be careful to write it down as we cannot recover it; we store a numerical hash not the actual password for your security. A password is required to protect accounts. Please do not re-use an important password, e.g. one you use for your banking, shops, etc.

  • E-Mail: Currently our ranker does not need your e-mail address, so the field is disabled. Other rankers may require your e-mail address or use it as your account name.

  • Team: To join a team, select it from the list. Official teams generally require a password and you need to obtain this from its leader. Teams can only be created and approved by us at this time, so please contact us if you need a team created.

  • Click OK to create/update your account. If the details are not correct, please see below for common errors. Otherwise, congratulations, the ranking is now enabled!

Common Credential Errors

  • The user name is already taken by another user or is banned. Please try a different name.

  • The user name contains unacceptable words (the usual hate words, trademarks, URLs, etc.). Please try another user name that does not contain anything restricted. Please keep it clean!

  • The password is incorrect. Please check your records and try again. If you have lost it, you need to create a new account.

  • Your language or locale is not supported by the ranker. Please try another ranker that supports your language and locale.
  • The ranker is not available; check Internet connectivity and try again later.

To set up Options, continue reading: Ranking Engine: Options

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