Ranking Engine: Why use it?

What are the benefits of Sandra's Live Benchmark Ranking?

Here are the main features of the Ranking Engine:

  • It is FREE, for all versions!
  • Score Certification: By performing statistical analysis on the submitted results (samples) we can work out whether your scores are valid or not and how far they are from what is expected. You can also view statistics regarding scores submitted, e.g. whether there are known performance issues.
  • Compare Results: Live access to test results of the latest products on the market, as reviewed by established review websites and magazines. Currently, over 800 publications use SiSoftware products in their reviews - please see the Reviews and Benchmark Results page for the current list of reviews.
  • Browse Results: Live access to 400,000+ of results (per benchmark, over 5,000,000 in total!) submitted by other Sandra users, in addition to the 100,000+ (per benchmark) of aggregated and reference results.
  • Compare Devices: Compare the performance of your devices (or the devices you intend to purchase) in different platforms; check that they meet performance expectations.
  • Performance: Find out which devices overclock the best; see how far other users have overclocked the devices you own: get the best performance for your money!
  • BackUp: Automatic backup and restoring of your test results: Sandra will download them automatically to a new installation, a new computer or any computer on your network when you set it up with your account!
  • Community: Form teams with your friends or colleagues and get your team to rank highest; share your test results and benefit from those of many other users. Become a part of our world-wide community!
  • Open: We are committed to work with other rankers to add support for their systems in Sandra. Thus you are free to use any ranker that works best for you. If you manage a ranker, please contact us.
  • What's in it for SiSoftware? It allows us to provide the features above and build a community of Sandra users. If you click and buy a product through a referral link we may also receive a small comission.
  • Your privacy is important to us, so we try not to store any 'personal data': Is the data transferred to the Ranking Engine 'personal data'?

If the above features are of interest to you, continue reading: Ranking Engine: How to enable and use it

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