How to enable large/huge memory pages in Windows

Under Windows, huge pages (1GB) are not supported - yet!

To use large pages (2-4MB) pages you specifically need to give your user the "lock pages in memory" privilege using Local Security Policy.

Note: at this time, Windows Home, Starter versions do not suppport changing privileges thus this feature cannot be enabled through "official means". We cannot advise you of "alternative means".

For Windows Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate or Server:

  • Run Start\All Programs\Administrative Tools\Local Security Policy
  • Expand Local Policies\User Rights Assignment, scroll down and double-click Lock Pages in Memory. Feel free to read the explanation about the setting.
  • Click Add User or Group and find your user - or Administrators group if your user has Admin rights - and add it in.
  • You need to Log Off and then Log Back In for the setting to become active.

Please see this article on how large pages and TLBs affect memory latency and memory bandwidth:

Measuring Latency Performance