Privacy: Is the data transferred to the Price Engine 'personal data'?

To our best belief at time of publication, NO, it is not 'personal data'.

NB:This information relates to the SiSoftware's Price Engine and NOT any other price engine(s). Please contact the respective price engines(s) for information on their policies.

Based on the UK's Data Protection Act, 'personal data' can be used to specifically identify a particular individual.

The data uploaded to the price engine consists of:

  • Product name to query price for and Category (type of product, e.g. CPU, video card, etc.)
  • Currency/Language to provide price in and other settings (include tax, shipping, etc.)
  • ZIP/PostCode* if entered by the user

The above data cannot specifically identify a particular individual, thus, to our belief, it is not 'personal data'.

* As the ZIP/PostCode is entered by the user, it is not considered reliable information that could be used to specifically identify an individual. Even if it were reliable, unless the area would need to be very small to be able to identify someone, i.e. only one person with Internet in the entire ZIP/PostCode.