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Price Engine: Why use it? Article rated 3.9/5.0
What are the benefits of Sandra's Price Engine functionality? It is FREE, for all versions! View additional information about devices including: product picture(s), specification and curren...
Price Engine: Options Article rated 3.6/5.0
Pricing Options Enable Price Engine: disables the whole functionality completely, i.e. you will get no price, availability or specification data at all. Please read the Privacy Statement before...
Privacy: Is the data transferred to the Price Engine 'personal data'? Article rated 1.7/5.0
To our best belief at time of publication, NO, it is not 'personal data'. NB:This information relates to the SiSoftware's Price Engine and NOT any other price engine(s). Please contact the respec...
Privacy: Who owns the data posted to the Price Engine? Article rated 1.6/5.0
To our best belief at time of publication, it is owned by its respective owner(s), i.e. the makers of the products queried. Why do we think it owns it and not you, the user? Because the software...

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