Sandra Portable (run Sandra off a CD/DVD/USB Disk/without install)

Sandra Engineer Portable version is also available in a portable format:

  • Optical media (CD/DVD/etc.)
  • Removable media (USB Flash Disk/U3 Disk)
  • Network shared path

Please see SiSoftware Sandra Portable press release for the official release information.

You can either purchase branded media (pressed CD or branded USB key) or make your own, whichever is best for you.

Please note that some features (.Net/Java/Direct X/GPGPU benchmarks, etc.) will only work if you have the required run-times installed; it is not possible to make them work without installation, there is nothing we can do to fix this.

Other versions of Sandra (even Lite) can also work from portable/network media; you just need to copy the installation folder (i.e. what the installer installs onto your system, \Program Files\SiSoftware\Sandra) onto the media you want and that should be it.

All the settings will be stored in Sandra.ini in Sandra's folder rather than the registry; if the folder is not writable, it uses the user's AppData folder.

Please note that if you run Sandra portable on a computer with Sandra installed, it will use the registry and thus the settings of the installed Sandra. This may be problematic if they are different versions or types.

Please note technical support is available only for the Engineer Portable in portable mode. We have not disabled the feature in other versions but neither do we guarantee that it will work.