How are Points awarded to Computers, Users and Teams?

Computers (e.g. Desktops, laptops, phones, etc.): The highest points awarded for each benchmark are added together to make the computer's points.

E.g. if a system has 2 results (50 pts and 65 pts) in the CPU Arithmetic benchmark, the highest points are taken (65 pts) and added with the points from other benchmarks (e.g. CPU Multi-Media) for that system giving the grand total for that computer.

Thus, submitting more results for a single benchmark from one system won't get you additional points. Only the best result is used.

Submitting results for more benchmarks *will* get you additional points; thus submit results for *all* benchmarks if possible to get the most points.

Q: Is this (i.e. more benchmarks => more points) fair?
A: We believe it is: each benchmark represents a different category and just like sport games the score in each category counts against the total.

If only the best score were to be used - across all categories - that would not represent a true "picture" of the performance of the system across all categories (CPU, (GP)GPU, storage, network, etc.)


User: The points for all the systems belonging to that user are added together.


Team: The points for all the users belonging to that team are added together.