Privacy: Who owns the data (scores) posted to the Ranker?

To our best belief at time of publication, based on the intepretation of UK law, we (SiSoftware) do.

Why do we think we own it and not you, the user?

Because the software (Sandra) generates it automatically rather than the user (you) and is not original.

You are not creating a document using the software (e.g. typing a letter into a word-processor, etc.), but generate a number automatically without any input from you. (save pushing the button to run the benchmark)

It is not original as there is no creativity involved and it is all automatic - you have no control onto what it does. As the result is just a number (the score) it would not expected to qualify as a "creative work".

We thus believe the data (scores) does not fulfil the minimal requirements for originality to get a copyright on it and thus qualify you as the owner of it.