My account has been banned

As any public website, we need to abide by local laws as well as Internet netiquette (set of social conventions), otherwise we would be subject to legal proceedings or taken offline.

We do not take such actions lightly and only act when we need to do so. Actions that can result in banning include:

  • Account name/description or public comments containing banned words. We think you know what is publicly acceptable and what it is not. Please keep it clean.
  • Hacking attempts to subvert the ranker or other users' data. It may be fun for some people but not for the rest.
  • Excessive, automated queries (scraping) that place excessive load on the system or DOS (denial of service) attempts. If you need to interface with our system, please contact us!
  • Using an unlicensed ("pirated") version of Sandra. We do not use activation or other techniques to make it easy for our customers to use our software: that does not mean it is "free for all".

We do not agree with the draconian measures other organisations have taken in the recent years against users using unlicensed software, music, films, etc., but we do not believe software has no value either. We continuously look for alternative ways to finance our software, e.g. through TrialPay.

We do not purposely collect any user identifiable information thus will not assist with user tracing for any reason; however, we may be compelled to do so by a court order.

Why not use the Lite version instead? It is free and contains all the benchmarking functionality, that is the reason we publish it in the first place!