GPGPU benchmarks lock up!

Some GPGPU run-times do not work correctly with Sandra. Usually, Windows does kill and re-start the video driver if it locks up but sometimes it is only the GPGPU task that fails:

- OpenCL is generally the most unreliable, especially on ATI/AMD as it is JIT compiled.

- DirectX ComputeShader is the most reliable as it runs the same shaders as DirectX and the shaders are pre-compiled.

- CUDA is also very reliable as long as the device is supported as it contains pre-compiled shaders (CUBIN) and not intermediate (PTX).

As Sandra supports all GPGPU interfaces (OpenCL, CUDA, ComputeShader), you can just disable the one that does not work and use another.

Right-click the GPGPU benchmark select Options and uncheck the interface that fails.