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DirectX Compute Shader/DirectCompute


While it should be easier to get DirectX ComputeShader working than OpenCL in Windows, as it is part of DirectX, it may actually be more complicated:

    • Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7 are set. Windows Vista requires the Platform Update for DirectX 11 to be installed via Windows Update.


    • Windows 8.1 and 8 include a later DirectX run-time (44) than the latest published DirectX but require the very latest version of Sandra; for older versions install the older run-time as per below.



    • DX11.1/SM5.1 or DX11/SM5.0 video card: You are set, Compute Shader should just work. (e.g. ATI 5000 series; nVidia 400 series; Intel 4000 series or later)


    • DX10.1/SM4.1 or DX10/SM4.0 video card: Use the very latest drivers and check Video Adapter module to see if Compute Shader is reported as supported. (e.g. nVidia 200, 9X/8X series; ATI 4000 series).


  • DX9 or older video card: Sorry, no chance, please upgrade.
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